About Us

Rainbow Dove Shoppe is based in the beautiful Gold Fields town of Bendigo in Victoria, Australia. It is the creation of the Reverend Doctor Mel Sidgwick and the Reverend Joshua Sidgwick.

It is our mission to provide you with a mystical gateway of excellence through various products to inspire and bring joy.

Through the products and resources available, we aim to promote love for self as well as for each other.

This in turn empowers the individual to heal from within and, together with the assistance of the heavenly and magical realms we aim to positively contribute to the cosmic shift of the self and our planet.

We believe in a world where we all can be free from prejudice and negativity, with the freedom to do all that we desire without bringing harm to any.

Indeed through this unique venture, we are offering over 400 products to inspire and bring joy with FREE Shipping Australia Wide. The range is ever-expanding and features incense, oils, glass decals, candles, statues, figurines, lanterns, magnets and much more.

Over the years the beacon of light from our hearts has touched many through various business projects. We hope this new venture, that is Rainbow Dove Shoppe, inspires and brings you joy. If so, please help spread the word by sharing through social media.

You may also wish to contact us to discuss other ways that together we can help many more. We welcome any ideas you have.