A Micro Opportunity

A Micro Opportunity

Rev. Dr. Mel Sidgwick on 11th Sep 2019

This Full Moon is that of a Micro Moon. It will be seen in the Southern Hemisphere on 14th September and it is a Full Moon where the moon is farthest away from the Earth. Nothing could be more perfect for planting new ideas and creating opportunities for growth.

With this lunar energy combined with the upcoming Spring Equinox – wonderous things are sure to happen.

For as we set the intentions on the night of the Full Moon, we often place our crystals out in the moon light. Like us they enjoy bathing in the energies - for magic is abound!

To create something special with these magical energies, first set about clearing a space and centering your mind. Somewhere where you can just be.

With the space cleared focus on your new intentions. You want to hold your thoughts vividly in your mind. Hold a crystal or write down your new idea. Whatever best suits how you best communicate with the magic of the universe.

Next I encourage you to take a seed or plant and plant this into the ground. Be sure to include the crystal or written piece of paper with it so the plant is ready to bloom your idea.

Now wait. This is the hard part. Don’t dig around and see if it is taking roots. Water your plant and trust that your new idea will come into play. Soon Spring Equinox will birth Spring and wonderful new growth shall come.

Know that the Full Moon is one of magic. Her lunar light is sure to shine bright in whatever your intentions are for the upcoming seasons of change.