Protecting Your Home with Archangel Michael

Protecting Your Home with Archangel Michael

Rev. Joshua Sidgwick on 13th Oct 2019

There is nothing more spooky than being at home alone or just with your loved one and hearing a noise - particularly at night. Whilst many horror movies dramatise this experience through the actors, there is a lot of truth to the emotions that can be felt during such an event. Sometimes however, it is not just the imagination getting away on us. There are times when it is an entity with a malicious intent that is at play.

These entities tend to feed on fear and the energy produced by it. Think of it like the food we consume. At the end of the day, the food we eat is converted to a form of energy that our bodies absorb and use. It is no different for these entities - they are hungry. But, in saying that, no matter how hungry they are, they do not have the right or permission to feed on us. So what do we do about it?

First things first: call in the expert - Archangel Michael. By simply saying: “Archangel Michael, please come to me” at anytime brings him to us in an instant. In fact, those who read that sentence may feel his presence as he has been given permission to come and help. The request for help can be as specific or as generic as is needed. It all depends on the individual situation.

Whilst a request can help in the moment, to help anchor the protection of one’s home can take a little bit more. Such ways include asking Archangel Michael to stand at each corner of the property and visualise this each day.

Another is by having an Archangel Michael statue in a central point in the home so that he can watch over all who live there. By having a statue, permission is given for Archangel Michael to come and be with all people living in the property.

To clear out old energies and anchor the energy of protection one can burn San Miguel Arcangel Incense in any room, or even the whole house, to get Archangel Michael’s presence through the home.

While these are great ways to bring in protection, it is also ideal to make sure that the property is secure with doors locked and windows latched too. If one feels a tap on the shoulder to check these locks, it is best to follow it as well as this could well be Archangel Michael helping to ensure that all are safe.

To connect with Archangel Michael too, the Archangel Michael Oracle by Doreen Virtue is an amazing deck for this as it includes many prayers to God and Archangel Michael to help bring their protection into one’s life.

Whenever we experience a scare,

All we need do is say a prayer,

And trust that Archangel Michael will be right there.