Quartz Crystal Cluster
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Quartz Crystal Cluster

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Product Description

Quartz Crystal Clusters are amazing pieces for charging and cleansing your smaller crystals. All you need to do is lay it flat on its back and rest your smaller crystals on top of it. The Quartz Crystal Cluster will go to work drawing out the old energy from the other crystals, purify it and them place the energy back into the crystal from which it came from. It does so in a manner that is like that of a ‘Crystalline Oil Change’.

A Quartz Crystal Cluster can also be used as a crystal to cleanse a room or space of any negative or wayward energies. Simply hold it up in front of you, like that of a Talisman with its points facing away from you. The Crystal Cluster will then send forth beams of purifying energy to cleanse and ward off any of the unwanted energies in that are within this space while filling it with clear and Divine energy.

This particular piece has grown from a base of Quartz, and this Quartz Crystal Cluster measures appropriately 4cm tall and 4.5cm wide. It also includes a stand for ease of display so that it may shine forth into a room and and keep it cleansed of negative energy on a regular basis.

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